Local Women: Arnetta Parker

Arnetta Parker is not afraid to pursue her dreams. Even though she’s busy raising four boys, working and baking part-time, she still found time to accomplish her goal of writing a novel, which she self-published last year. Now she’s writing two more books and is moving forward with her dream to write a movie screenplay. Q: How did you decide to write a book and get started? A: I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old, but I did short stories. My husband and I moved here to Lansing in 1997, so a year or two after that it’s like, “I do want to try a book, a full-story,” and the characters evolved from there. I actually wrote it over 10 years ago, and I put it down, and within the last three years I decided I wanted to finish it up … It was put to sleep for too long, so I wanted to dust it off and actually say, “Can I do this?” and I challenged myself to do it — and I did. Q: How did you come up with the idea for Your First Novel, Full Length Mirror? A: When I decided to do it, the characters, the characters’ names all just happened … each character has something I did go through, and so I divided it up, instead of one character going through all that. Then there’s things in there that didn’t happen, just things to bring life to the character … I believe that my writing is a gift. I truly believe it’s a gift because I can see something, I can see somebody, I can create a character, and from that character I can create a story, and that story involves life. Q: What do you hope people can take away from your book? A: I really hope that reading each character and seeing how even when you’re divorced, even when you have a sister in jail, even if you’re molested as a child, that might hurt you and cause you pain, but you can learn from it, and grow from it, and you certainly have the right to continue your life in a positive way, not only helping yourself, but helping others. We all experience different things, but jump it, learn from it and move on.

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