Local Women: Athena Kurtz

Athena Kurtz has been working for Baker College in Owosso for almost four years, compiling the statistics that you may have seen on its local billboards. When she’s not finding jobs for the college’s graduates, Kurtz serves as a board member for the Shiawassee Humane Society, is the scholarship chair for the American Association of University Women and is an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce. Q: What do you do as employment coordinator? A: I follow up with all our graduates every year after they graduate. I am responsible for collecting employment data and following up with them on their employment needs. So those that are employed that don’t need my assistance, that’s fine. The ones that do need my assistance, I usually schedule appointments with them. I go over resumes and I also help them as they move through their job search. So, I usually work mostly with the graduates; I help students out with a few resumes from time to time as well, but my primary responsibility is to focus on the graduates and also compiling statistics about employment for the college. Q: What type of things do you do for the Humane Society? A: As a board member, one of my responsibilities is to head up one of our committees, so I’m in charge of the membership and marketing committee. What we do is promote the Humane Society through newspapers; we also promote the events and fundraisers the different groups are planning. So, a lot of what I do is just kind of being out in the community, working with our volunteers, making sure events are going smoothly and just always promoting our mission and trying to find animals good homes. I also do a bit of recruiting. If I find someone who’s interested in volunteering or interested in being involved, I try to recruit them in and see if they want to be a part of our organization in some way. Then the other part, of course, is I look through our animals that need a good home, and my heart breaks, but I try to promote them the best I can because it’s one of my passions; I’m a really big animal lover. Q: Can you tell me more about what the American Association of University Women is? A: AAUW, which we call it for short, is a group that promotes equity among women and young girls. We do try to raise scholarship funds and just try to promote higher education and … be a role model to young women in our community. Last year, we had a scholarship fundraiser in which we gave out a scholarship to a couple young ladies. And then what we usually do is try to do a big event called College Knowledge, where we invite the local school girls to come in, talk to them about career-planning and thinking ahead and kind of putting things into perspective for them and being role models in a way.

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