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Autumn Luciano has such a passion for what she does that she lives it every day. As a vintage photographer in Lansing, not only does she provide the look and styling for her customers, but she loves wearing vintage clothing and designed her house to match.

Q: How did you get started with photography?

A: I wanted to be a filmmaker originally, and I went through film school. I’ve only ever taken two photography classes in my life. Most of it I picked up on my own and through learning film, photography wasn’t that big of a step. I’ve been taking pictures all my life, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I started to get really serious about it.

Q: What about the vintage style attracts you to it?

A: My grandma, who’s my best friend ever, raised me on swing music and watching TV Land. I used to constantly watch I Love Lucy and Bewitched, and I liked the whole style and look of it. I had inherited a bunch of vintage clothing from my husband’s grandma, and none of it fit me. I really loved all of it, and I was already doing photos as my own business — I (had) just started — and figured I would incorporate vintage photos. I saw other people doing it throughout the country, and it looked like a lot of fun, and I wanted to try it. I ended up loving it and going with it and even going a little overboard. I love it and live it. It’s my lifestyle, my job and my passion. It’s what I do. I think there are a lot of people who enjoy doing it, which helps my business. But there are also other people, a lot of friends I’ve met who are all into the vintage scene. It’s amazing who comes out of the woodwork when you put yourself out there

Q: What kind of photography work have you been doing?

A: I work from home. I do wedding photography, family and kids. I do all the basic stuff, but since I’ve been doing the vintage pin-up stuff, a lot more people have been hiring me for that. The vintage stuff is more involved — you have to provide the styling and know the eras. I have a whole room loaded with vintage clothes, shoes and props. I provide all of that, so I find a lot more people want to book that kind of shoot. It’s fun and different.

Q: Where can people go to learn more?

A: You can learn more about my photography at www.decadencedolls.com.

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