Local Women: Carol Spry


Outside of her job as a nurse at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Carol Spry continues to give to others through her photography. In 2013, she will be the featured artist at the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing. She also loves airplanes and flying, and even finished building an airplane with her husband Jim in 2009. Q: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH PHOTOGRAPHY? A: I think it really goes back to a love of nature. I love to be outside. There are so many beautiful things around. I started sketching, and when I was about 12 years old I got a camera and tried doing some creative nature shots. That’s how it all started, but then I got married and as time went on I went back to school. About 10 years ago when my kids were really maturing, I started (taking) pictures again and got better equipment. The last six years, I’ve really had growth in that area perfecting what I’m doing, going to classes and reading. Then I got remarried, and my husband and I went to air shows, so there’s more opportunity for photos. I feel naked if I don’t have my camera with me. If you don’t have your camera, you miss the perfect shot. It’s like fishing — the one that got away. Q: WHAT DRAWS YOU TO TAKE PHOTOS OF NATURE? A: Nature is a gift to us from God. You get out there and see it, and there are so many beautiful things to see. I want to keep it all. I start taking pictures of it, and you can’t just keep it to yourself. You have to share. I take pictures, and I share what I see. There’s so much beauty around us. If you can get a picture of it, then people can see it. I just hope that I live a long, healthy life and am able  to share lots and lots of photos. That’s my biggest thing. I’ve loved being a nurse; you nurture in one way, but photography is nurturing the soul. You nurture physically in the hospital, but you nurture the soul when you’re out. Q: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH FLYING? A: It first started separately from my husband. We kind of have parallel lives. I started flying in 1978 when I worked at Princeton University. I was part of the glider club there. My husband has loved flying his whole life, too. When I met him, he was just starting to build an airplane. I was so excited that I could help. It was a big deal to me to build something we could fly in, that we could go in the air and fly together. We finished it 2009, and we’ve done a lot of flying in it. We fly to Mackinac Island, and it takes us about an hour and a half to get there. It feels like we’ve barely taken off, and then we’re circling the island.

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