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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

No small feat. Deborah Muchmore is Vice President of Marketing Resource Group (MRG), one of Michigan’s leading communications consulting agencies. She joined MRG in 1988 just as it was adding public affairs and communications to its political consulting services. When she started at MRG, it was the “only game in town for media buying for political campaigns,” she explained. With a bachelors in advertising from Michigan State University and experience in sales, Muchmore managed the lions’ share of political advertising in Michigan. Over the years, Muchmore has lent her expertise to a wide range of clients – from manufacturers and educators, to associations and businesses. Mid-way through her career at MRG, she took a hiatus to launch and manage a four-day Jazzfest in the Birmingham/Bloomfield area. “Mind you, I knew nothing about music and nothing about festivals,” Muchmore said. “We created a huge event that’s still an annual fundraiser to this day.” The project “stretched her skills” well beyond what she thought she could do. Good thing. Back at MRG, complex projects with “serious issues” awaited her. Muchmore cited two such projects. She worked with bottler and distributer Nestle Waters North American for 11 years. “Anything that has to do with water captures people’s attention,” Muchmore said. She’s also consulted on an eight-year project with Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company, a major international mining company that’s invested $500 million in Michigan and employed upward of 700 people. “I’m proud that I’ve helped companies invest in Michigan,” Muchmore reflected. “I also like working in public affairs. The subject matter is fresh and high profile and there’s a lot at stake.” Though projects like these loom large in her day-to-day work world, her home in “the great metropolitan community of Laingsburg” gives Muchmore the chance to enjoy the little things. Nestled among wetland and wooded areas, her Frank Lloyd Wright house faces Scenic Lake. Muchmore describes the home as having an “inside out feeling.” She’s witness to the ever-changing view outside her windows. “Every season is beautiful in its own way,” she said. Muchmore and husband Dennis moved to Laingsburg when they were married seven years ago. They share the home with “Oz,” an Australian Shepherd. Life in Laingsburg lets her indulge in one of her favorite hobbies – the great outdoors. Whether it’s biking or “struggling” to play golf, this self-described “fitness buff” takes every opportunity to retreat from her busy work life. Once reenergized, she’s ready to get back. “Somehow I’ve grown fond of being in the hot seat,” Muchmore said. She has a commitment to helping companies try to do the right thing.

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