Local Women: Haleigh Titze

Haleigh Titze loves to perform, whether it’s on a stage with her dance group, Adrenal’n, or on the floor of Techno Mia Salon, creating the perfect hairstyle for her clients. Titze also teaches dance for Dance Fusion and is happy to live in the area she grew up in and be close to her family. Really close; her mom lives right next door. Q: Tell me about what you do. A: Right out of high school I went to cosmetology school — I knew what I wanted to do — go right to school for that. And I’ve danced since I was three, and have continued to dance for 20 years now, so after I graduated cosmetology school, my dance instructor actually (referred) to me a salon that she thought I would like to interview for, and I did. I got hired right out of school, and I’ve been there for going on four years now. So, I do that five days a week. Then, this is my second full year of teaching kids from ages 8 to 18 ballet, jazz and hip-hop. Q: What is your favorite part of being a hairstylist? A: I guess now I’m just more and more confident with each service that I do. So, at first, it was color always, highlights. Now, it’s pretty much everything. I just love to create something and see the instant gratification that the client has. Q: Why did you decide to start teaching dance? A: Growing up I loved to perform at any moment, any chance I got. And actually after I graduated high school, I started dancing a little more, got into some competition groups. I just was able to put some of my money into it, so I could do more of my heart’s desire after I graduated. I wanted to (teach) for fun — I didn’t want to do it as a career, per se. I didn’t want the stress of it. I wanted to be able to do hair wherever I lived … I decided to teach just to stay in it and to never leave. I’m also in a competition group myself, so I’m still dancing and then teaching two days a week. Q: What is your favorite part of dancing? A: I just really try to express what that dance is. You know, you get taught the dance, and she’ll say like it’s going to be a certain style, and I think the best part of each routine (is that) each style is so different … I think that’s the main thing about dancing — just performing. That’s the best.

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