Local Women: Janie Lee

There’s never a dull moment in Janie Lee’s life since she holds not just one, but two positions (that have been combined) for the Ingham County Clerk. Her busy career and 4-year-old daughter ensure that each day will bring something new and exciting. Q: What do you do as election coordinator? A: I am responsible for programming, ballot preparation, testing and canvassing the election. Once I have the names of the candidates and it is past the filing deadline, I submit the information to the programmer. Then, I review the ballots for any mistakes. After the ballots are correct, I contact the local clerks and get a count on how many ballots they will need for each precinct. Then the ballots get sent to the printer. The County gets eight test ballots for each precinct. I then burn the memory packs and do the testing for each precinct for the local jurisdictions. It then gets sent to the local clerk who have a more extensive testing process. Once the election has been completed the canvassing starts the next day at 1 p.m. … A copy of the canvass gets mailed to the local jurisdictions if needed. Q: What is the process like to prepare for an election? How long do you prepare beforehand? A: The process to prepare for the election is quite time-intensive. In the even years the elections are bigger, so they are more demanding. I start preparing for the election four months in advance, but it is never a bad idea to get started before that. Q: What do you do as chief deputy? A: My chief deputy duties vary. If the clerk cannot attend a meeting, I represent him. I work on the budget for the clerk’s office along with the clerk. I handle office issues regarding the vital records. I work on the county directory that is posted online. I work on the website for the County Clerk’s office. I am involved in the decisions that are made within the office … and other administrative duties as required by the clerk. Q: You seem to handle a lot of important duties for the county. Does your job feel like a lot of responsibility? A: Yes, I do have a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes I don’t realize how much is riding on my shoulders. I love my job and love the responsibilities that I have. There are no two days that are the same, so that makes it exciting, and I never get bored.

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