Local Women: Jennifer Zumbrink

When Jennifer Zumbrink took charge of her health to eat right and feel better, she decided to make it her career and help others do the same. Food First by Jennifer is Zumbrink’s business where she educates individuals or other businesses on what to eat to better their health. Q: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH FOOD FIRST? A: I got started back when I graduated from Michigan State. My own health was compromised. I went into an environmental allergist’s office, and they said I had quite a few food intolerances. At that point in time I was able to correlate what foods I ate with how I felt; that’s what started me on this path of healthy eating. My goal is to educate people on how to eat; not just weight loss and calories, but what’s going to feed their body depending on what deficiencies they might be having. Where are the minerals and vitamins in their body? It’s important to look at the bigger picture — the micro nutrients with the macro. Q: HOW DID YOU BECOME SO PASSIONATE ABOUT HEALTH FOOD? A: I got passionate about it when I saw the difference in my life. I thought everyone should know the secret I had discovered. I went back to school for nutrition because I had been flirting with it for a while. That’s when it really ignited for me because all the dots had been connected on a deeper level. There’s also a sustainability piece to it. In terms of the environment and how we’re treating the earth, that goes back to natural medicine and doing no harm. It’s really important that we take into consideration that element. If we mistreat our land, then we’re ruining the minerals in our soil — we’re not going to have good food, which is ultimately the base of good health. That’s part of my concern with educating people on how to heal their bodies and have a better planet in terms of sustainability. Q: WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? A: Seeing the change in people and making different choices that are more environmentally friendly along with giving them better health. Giving people the power back; empowering them to make a change for themselves in a way that makes them feel like they can grasp it themselves. I want to educate as many people as possible and bring change to one person at a time. The bigger the better because this is something everyone needs to be educated about. I don’t have grandiose visions for myself, but I do want to reach out to a lot of people. If someone doesn’t have the opportunity to have the education, they can’t make a change. But if they know, they have personal responsibility. I’m inspired to help give people the choice; here’s the information and do what you want with it.

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