Local Women: Kate Cosgrove

Kate Cosgrove is an artist who has lived in Old Town for the past eight years. She recently received a grant from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing to show a family-friendly, free exhibit in the Lansing Art Gallery, open now through June 23. She is also enjoying being a new mother; she adopted her daughter, Juniper, in January. Q: Can you tell me about your exhibition? A: The focus is kind of a three-prong situation, where it’s obviously beneficial to me because I get to exhibit my work, and that’s always a good time and fun, and I can make some sales. Then, the other part is the Lansing Art Gallery is such a wonderful community resource, especially for children’s education as art programs are being cut … they moved to a new location, and so it’s kind of another way to get people in to see the new spot and realize that they’re there. And then the other part of it is basically just to offer a free opportunity for families to spend time doing something kind of cultural in a climate where people don’t have money to do that ….When I was little, I knew I wanted to become an artist when I was 9 because we had an illustrator come into school and talk to me about being an artist … So kind of just to give back to my own community, hopefully it’ll inspire some future artists. Q: What types of pieces are going to be in the exhibition? A: It’s all of my fun art illustration … It’s all just like art for kids. The show is called “Animal ArtVenture,” so it’s like all animals doing crazy things like riding buses and bikes and stuff like that. Q: Did you come UP with the idea for this focus? A: I did. I actually make these and I sell them on e-bay, and I was approached by the band The Verve Pipe to do their “Family” album, and so since we worked on that project together I’ve just kind of expanded more with kid-friendly illustration. I do a lot of nurseries and things like that. Q: And you just adopted your daughter? A: We adopted Juniper from China. She has a condition called albinism, and she has a little minor visual impairment that we’re working on. She’s really healthy and really smart and really amazing.

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