Local Women: Linda Parkinson

Jump into Jazzercise Linda Parkinson Owner of DeWitt Jazzercise Linda Parkinson encourages everyone to take the time to make their health a priority, saying that it is a matter of balance. She is the mother of three grown kids, has a full-time job and owns DeWitt Jazzercise still, she thinks she’s found a good balance in her life. Parkinson has been involved in the fitness industry around the greater Lansing area for many years. She became passionate about health and fitness because of the benefits. With a history of health problems in her family, she knew that she needed to make good decisions and it paid off. After she started taking Jazzercise classes 34 years ago, she never stopped and she has been a Certified Jazzercise Instructor for over 18 years. “I love the one hour of cardio, strength and stretching that Jazzercise has to offer with a variety of moves and music,” she said. When she first started as a certified instructor, she was teaching two classes a week. Now, she offers 16 classes a week at her establishment and has a team of nine instructors (including her daughter Lindsay). Their goal is to inspire every body type, age and fitness level to keep moving and have fun at the same time. “If you find a workout you love you will never ‘workout’ again.”

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