Local Women: Lisa Benck

Lisa Benck puts her degrees in urban planning and art to good use during her day job with the Michigan Department of Transportation. She’s also beginning to work as a freelance graphic designer. Q: Can you tell me about your graphic design work? A: My graphic design work is currently a freelance thing … I’ve worked with someone doing a logo, and I worked with the Derby Vixens doing their program, and things like that. I do a lot of invitations, which I really like … I’ve also done — which is exciting — more fine art … It’s exciting because as a new business-owner, at first I thought I was interested in kind of this huge array of things, and now I find that I like those things, but I like these things better. So, it’s kind of an education process for myself. Q: What do you do AS the Westside Commercial Association promotions committee chair? A: The goal of the promotions committee is to get people to the area …We’re working on a new website, we’re working on other fundraisers and events and some really exciting things going on …We’re basically looking to promote the Westside and generate revitalization by building communities between business owners and henceforth the neighboring residents ….We put together a business directory and things like that. Q: What’s your favorite part about design? A: I really like choosing your medium, because in any project there’s a hundred different solutions, but one right solution. I like finding that perfect mix and having that right solution. And sometimes, you come up with (a) solution and you think it’s right, but it doesn’t quite feel there, yet. But then when you have that moment that you know it’s perfect — I like that. Q: Do you get a lot of inspiration when you travel? A: I do. I have a very natural style with my art. I like earthy looks. I’m a big fan of trees — you know that kind of feeling. I feel the best when I’m out there. I feel more inspired in general. When you’re sitting there, kind of hiking in the woods or just doing whatever, you get this clarity, or at least I do, where you can kind of let your mind wander.

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