Local Women: Lisa Herrguth – Owner of Aiding Hearts Home Health Services LLC, Bath Village Diner & The Honey Hole



Showing love through aiding hearts

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Lisa Herrguth dropped out of High School at age 16 with a child of her own and a drug problem. When she was 20 years old, she made the decision to get clean and she’s been a new person ever since.

“It was the greatest decision of my life,” said Herrguth. “It’s where my life truly got on track.”

Herrguth has been clean now for 16 years. She started working for nursing homes and hospice care and, after 10 years in the health care field, she decided to start her own business.

“I just always loved to help people,” Herrguth explained. “I want to show people love, especially since some of these people have never seen this kind of love or attention. I get so many calls about how much people appreciate what Aiding Hearts does.”

Herrguth started Aiding Hearts Home Health Services LLC, where she and her staff provide in-home care to seniors and other adults so that they can live independent lives at home. In addition to providing personal care and companionship services to her clients, Herrguth also wanted to help women fill a need she could relate to — good employment.

“I wanted to help women that were like myself when I needed help,” said Herrguth. “Some of them had less reputable jobs and needed a way out. Some of them had kids they needed to feed and needed the money.”

Herrguth now employs 80 people through Aiding Hearts Home Health Services and serves Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties.

“I really just want girls to know that they can become anything they want to be no matter what has happened to them,” said Herrguth.

Recently, she bought the diner and bar across the street from her office. She now owns the Bath Village Diner and The Honey Hole. Herrguth’s husband manages the staff at the diner and bar.

“I bought them because I knew the owner was about to lose both of them,” explained Herrguth.

Herrguth was previously nominated for the 2016 Greater Lansing Business Monthly Entrepreneurial Awards. When asked about what she would say to anyone looking to be an entrepreneur, she said, “Just do it, no amount of struggle should keep you from doing what you want to do.”




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