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Millie Heinz is a self-proclaimed bra lady. She is dedicated to helping women feel great about themselves, starting with the fit and support of their undergarment. She is a certified bra fitter and representative of Essential Bodywear based in Michigan. For more information, visit her online at www.myessentialbodywear.com/a10700 or email her at breastfriends4ever@hotmail.com. Q: Tell me about Essential Bodywear. A: It is a Michigan-based women-owned company. They were founded eight years ago, and I’m proud to represent this company. We have revolutionized the way women shop for undergarments, and we do it through private fittings and home parties. I also have women come into my home for private fittings because today you really can’t go into the department store where there is a certified bra fitter — that’s what I am. We have about 500 representatives of Essential Bodywear across the country. I started in the business four years ago in the Lansing area, and it’s about helping women find the right bra size. It makes a huge difference in the way they look and feel. Their overall self-image improves, and it’s amazing what a good fit bra can do, what a difference it can make. Q: How did you get into this business? A: My sister had attended one of their bra parties in Chicago, and she was amazed at the difference. After hearing about it, I finally had an opportunity to try it and found it really was a wonderful idea. It’s something all women need. We don’t necessarily need another necklace, but women need bras. Women can’t go to work without a bra. The thing I really like about it is that I’m helping women all day. When I got involved in this, I wanted to do something where I’m making a difference and helping women. I love what I do because I uplift and support women all day long. You get one set of breasts, and you need to take care of those — take care of what you have. Q: What sets Essential Bodywear apart from other brands? A: I think it’s the personalized attention we give. We’re also not a sexy Victoria’s Secret bra — we’re an everyday support bra. They’re nice looking, but we stand apart because we are there to take the time with you and educate you, not only on taking care of your breasts, but also your bras. A bra is an investment in your wardrobe. I train women how to care for that and do the best they can with their undergarment. It really starts from the inside. I do mini-makeovers from the inside out — when they feel good on the inside and look good on the outside, it’s a total transformation.

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