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Hitting the Jackpot

Gambling is a way of life for Grand Ledge resident, Pam Redman. She doesn’t always win, but she keeps coming back for more.

Frequenting Michigan casinos is a relaxing outlet for both Redman and her husband Kerry. Sitting side-by-side, feeding coins into machines allows them an opportunity to talk — most times for hours. Hee Haw is Redman’s favorite game to play and she favors many casinos in the Upper Peninsula and Petoskey area.

“I don’t think I’ve ever won anything outside of the hours of between midnight and 5 a.m.” said Redman. “Most of our wins have been in the high stakes too.”

Their biggest win was $17,600. She still insists that as many times as they gamble, they’re about even.

“Gambling is a time for us to relax and unwind,” said Redman.

Although she loves spending the extra time sitting back with her husband, she also likes getting a group of girls together to take up a bank of slots and have a good time.

As for her professional life, Redman took a gamble six and a half years ago by starting her own business, Pam’s Pantry, selling gourmet dips and mixes part-time at craft and trade shows.

The idea came in response to an injury of her husband’s that made him incapable of working again after having to undergo five surgeries.

“When he got hurt we sold everything we owned except for our house and two vehicles,” said Redman. “We were backed into a corner.”

Their love for gambling grew out of the accident too, since they could no longer participate together in the activities they loved such as riding dune buggies, snowmobiling and boating.

“We got very lucky with our business and seem to have a very good quality product,” noted Redman.

This side business became her main source of income and full time position in the spring of 2009. The transition from working on someone else’s clock to solely owning her own business and abiding to her own rules has still not caught up with Redman.

“It was a very weird transition period for me at first,” Redman said. “It took awhile to get away from the set rigid time of waking up at 6:30 a.m.”

Since its start in 2003, Pam’s Pantry has evolved into a family business. Her son Khory and daughter-in-law Tasha partake, as do many other family members who have needed support.

“I probably have given away more than I should, but I’m most proud that I’ve been able to give back and help others,” said Redman. “I never want to lose sight of what got us here.”

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