Local Women: Porsche Miles

At just 23 years old, this Michigan State University grad has done things with her entrepreneurial career that some people don’t do in a lifetime. Porsche Miles is a self-published author, teaches classes at the YMCA and operates her own online business. Q: WHAT KINDS OF THINGS ARE YOU DOING NOW? A: I’m working at the YMCA teaching free classes called Hip Hop Abs. I also got my book published, which is called Deceitfully Yours. I’ve been selling it out of the trunk of my car to people all around Lansing. I’ve also been selling it on Amazon and on Kindle. It’s going really well. My latest venture is www.boldthinkin.com. My significant other and I went into business together to make this website where 10 percent of the proceeds go to an underprivileged scholarship fund. We’re basically marketing two positive slogans. We’re hoping that this pushes positivity in the community, it enhances the community and it just helps bring everyone together so that we can become one. We’re still not where we need to be in terms of diversity and accepting each other. Hopefully these two slogans can help us become acceptable to each other. Q: TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BOOK. A: Deceitfully Yours is about an intelligent man named Ransome Cantrell who is wrongfully convicted. While he’s in prison, his woman doesn’t stay loyal to him. She leaves him before it’s time for him to get out, but he gets out early. He uses all the hate and frustration he has for her to seduce women and manipulate them so he can become successful. But his manipulation and deceit all have a means; he does it for his son. He’s a family guy, he loves his son and wants him to have better than what he had. So he uses his body and intelligence to get there. By the end of this book, it turns out a lot different from what you might think. Ramone is not your typical bad guy; he has a means to his end. Q: WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? A: I’m not just a one-job type of person. I’m trying to do it all. My ultimate goal is to become a judge; I will be a judge. But right now God is taking me through different ventures to make me a better person. I would just like to see my businesses do well. With www.boldthinkin.com, I want people to realize it’s not about the color of a person’s skin. It’s about taking the time out to get to know and embrace each another.

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