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Stephanie Milosavlevski Certified Financial Planner Stephanie Milosavlevski is a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in addressing the challenges that women in the workplace face. As a working professional, Milosavlevski understands that it’s difficult to keep up with the daily demands of an active schedule and still have enough time for managing finances. But working together with her clients, she can help people gain control and feel more confident about their financial future. Milosavlevski is also a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst. Settling a divorce is complicated, financially and emotionally. She specializes in financially equitable divorce settlements, helping clients make the right choices. Milosavlevski enjoys a variety of things in her free time. She’s an avid Michigan State University football fan and attends almost every home game. She also loves to scuba dive when she is in a place that allows her to be under water. “I prefer warm, tropical climates, so Michigan isn’t my ideal place to dive,” she said. “I love to travel!” You can find her visiting Grand Cayman very regularly, but she’d really like to visit Bora Bora or Fiji in her lifetime. “I’m also interested in seeing Greece and the Mediterranean.” And although she has a hard time finding the time, she said she also enjoys cooking and baking.

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