Local Women: Teresa Baltz

Occupation: Chef at Spartan Childhood Development Center Residence: East Lansing Family: Son, James; grandson, Zacky Hobbies: Jogging, cooking/baking Teresa Baltz is very detail-oriented when it comes to keeping her kitchen space organized at Spartan Childhood Development Center. She is passionate about providing quality, homemade meals for the children at the center — something she has been dedicated to for the past 18 years. She also helped in writing a cookbook for SCDC showcasing some of her favorite recipes. How did you get involved as a chef with SCDC? I’ve been here for 18 years. When I applied to work here, I decided I wanted to work in the kitchen. For the children I would have everything homemade. It’s a great place to be because I still go on a lot of training with my cooking. I’m still educating myself even after all these years because I feel you can never know enough. I’m always discovering just as the kids are always discovering new foods to try. SCDC is very multicultural because we are linked to MSU. And so this is the greatest place for children to have all different kinds of dishes because children love to eat. They are exposed to a variety of foods, which is fun. What do you especially like about working at SCDC? I love the children, the environment, the staff and the fact that I get to see all the happy faces. All the children come to me in the kitchen and ask when I’m going to make them something next. And, again, it’s so multicultural here with so many kids from different parts of the world. What do you like to do outside of work? I like to go jogging, and of course I like to cook at home too. I (have liked to) cook starting back when I used to always help my mother in the kitchen as a teenager. I am in the kitchen because it is my passion. For me, doing a new recipe isn’t a headache like it is for some people — it is something I look forward to. And I like to do everything with my hands, making everything homemade, especially for the children here at SCDC.

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