Local Women: Tonjala Eaton

Tonjala Eaton graduated from the Michigan State University graduate program Higher Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE) a year ago and has always been passionate about education and spreading knowledge to others. Q: WHAT KIND OF WORK ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? A: I’m a faculty member at Lansing Community College, and I teach a course called Diversity in the Workplace. The goals are to increase awareness about different cultures including both minority and majority cultures. It’s an experienced-based course, and it’s based off the idea of hands-on learning. With Career Quest, I teach application courses. These include courses in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint — employability skill courses. Our programs are designed to help people who are upgrading their skills or who have been out of the workplace for a period of time. Finally, I’m a distributor of Ardyss International, which is a brand of health and wellness products. I like promoting health and wellness because my goal is to live a very holistic life — balance between work and place. These products further that commitment by helping other people, and it definitely encapsulates who I am. Q: WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT YOUR LINE OF WORK? A: I love teaching because it gives me an opportunity to help my students become their best selves. I love the fact that a student can come to my class and say they’ve learned something new. It’s about spreading knowledge and helping people. Q: WHAT KEEPS YOU INVOLVED IN THE LANSING COMMUNITY? A: I love that Lansing is very accessible. The people are very accessible; they’re open to helping individuals. I also love that Lansing and East Lansing are college towns. There’s that college energy —people being motivated to strive for their dreams.

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