Local Women: Tresse Roby


Along with working closely on projects with the Lansing Art Gallery, Tresse Roby has turned her passion for vintage clothing and antiques into her own online shop. Through the site Etsy, Roby hosts her vintage clothing store called Six Cats Vintage. With every $15 purchase on her site, a $1 donation is made to the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue. Q: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH YOUR ETSY STORE? A: Etsy is a website where people can have their own shops for hand-made and vintage items. Like me, a lot of people sell clothes on [Etsy]. As I was antiquing with my husband, I started finding cute, vintage clothes that I would buy for myself and would sell for a lot. I also found a bunch that weren’t my size; I thought about bringing them to a vintage store, but then put them on Etsy with Six Cats Vintage. I started this in February, and it started slower, but once I got the hang of it I try and put new items up on the site at least every week because the more I put into it, the more I get back. I mostly sell overseas, which is kind of interesting. I also sell a lot to New York and Los Angeles because I bet when you go to a thrift store there it’s a lot more expensive. You’re not going to find an awesome 50s dress for $5. Q: HOW DID YOU GET INTO VINTAGE STYLES AND ANTIQUING? A: I’ve always been into it, but for a long time I didn’t buy that much for myself. I just started finding things that I do fit into. I love all decades, and they all sell well on my site. I’ve always been into older style things. There’s something about the beauty of past decades that is just really intriguing to me. My husband loves old records, so it’s something we do together. We go out and collect together, and it’s just fun. Q: TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WORK WITH THE LANSING ART GALLERY. A: I started here doing the Art in Action program, which is where we go to Lansing school districts and teach after-school art classes to kids. That was awesome; I went to different schools every day of the week and got to know some amazing kids and how important art programs are. I loved it so much that I began working with the City Streets Project, which is responsible for the banners downtown. Now I’m luckily still here to keep doing that project, and I’m also working on the Holiday Art Market, which is coming up along with other grants for next summer. We’re also going to have Saturday workshops for kids and adult workshops, too. I love art education and sharing my big passion for art — a lot of my art … is inspired by vintage looks.

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