Love & War: Frog Prince or Just a Frog?

I love a good fairytale. Not many of us actually get to live one, however. Sometimes in dating, it’s more like a nightmare. The storyline that most people can relate to: the girl kisses the frog and he turns into her prince. But what if he’s not a prince and he’s just playing one on TV? He may just be a frog. The question is how do you know which one you’re dating? Communication How well do you communicate? And I don’t mean how many texts you’re sending each other. I’m talking about a real face-to-face conversation. Craig and I regularly talk about what’s happening in each other’s lives. It can be about our families, work, church, music, childhood. It helps us get to know each other better and know where the other is coming from. Is your communication one-sided, as in it’s all about him and never you? That could indicate some frog-like behavior. Or maybe you’re too much of a princess and want it all about you. That, too, is not very attractive. Sense of Humor Does he have one? I will admit that sometimes I think Craig’s sense of humor is not as funny when I’m tired. But generally we have a good time and lots of laughs and not at the other person’s expense. If the humor and jokes are hurtful, that’s not a great way for Prince Charming to behave. If there is no laughter and he barely cracks a smile, there may be a reason he’s not had any long-term relationships before meeting you. I’m just sayin’. Don’t Go Changing… Have you noticed that in every fairytale, there is acceptance of each party by the other? Nobody has to change their hair, how they dress or become someone else. Granted it is a fairytale, but I think that there is something to be said for accepting someone as you see them. I’m not saying that bad form is acceptable. There are character traits that are not becoming, and if they don’t change, they should be considered deal-breakers. I am saying that if your prince feels you need to change who you are, even externally, for you to be accepted, he’s a frog. Craig is always telling me what he likes about me and how beautiful I am to him. He likes me at the size I am, with no make-up on and wearing workout clothes. He likes me if I’m dressed up and rockin’ my platform heels. He likes me for me. There have been some frog moments in the 10 months that Craig and I have been dating, but overall I think I’ve found my Prince Charming.

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