Love & War: Paper or Internet

Remember when you were in elementary school and wondered if the person you liked, liked you? Sometimes you would be fortunate (or unfortunate as the case may be) enough to have a friend willing to ask said “love” interest if he was interested in you. If he wasn’t, it seemed that all of his friends heard about you and would point and stare. Or maybe you passed along the note asking him to check the box: Do you like me? Yes, no, maybe? It was always so exciting to see what the other person was going to check. There was the crazy way the note was passed through the rows of desks so as to go undetected by the teacher. I was always a go-between with the note passing, never the originator of the note. Fast forward about 30 years and into a new century. Online dating has become one of the most used ways to meet someone. I seriously entered the online dating scene about two years ago. It has definitely been an interesting journey, meeting new people and learning quite a bit about myself in the process. I decided to see what the top sites are these days for finding someone who could turn out to be a new friend, companion or a long-term relationship. The top 10 dating websites, as ranked by, include several well-known sites (,, Most of them require a monthly payment of about $30 to really have full access. I’ve done a few of the paid sites and if you decide to quit before the end of your membership, be prepared to lose some dough. If you’re a single parent, a mature dater or a Christian there are sites available for you. I’ve noticed that dating sites for the older crowd, meaning 50 plus, are becoming more prevalent. A few of the sites have more than one million users in that age category. There are sites that don’t require payment. Some are aimed at a younger audience (between 25 and 35), while others may be of more interest to those seeking to date internationally. For the top seven free dating websites, check out One thing I’ve found to be the common thread with any dating site is that we are all looking for someone to connect with. I found someone through one of the free dating sites and we’ve been together for close to nine months now. You never know how this online thing could turn out. Of course if the internet isn’t for you, there is always the old method of passing a note with check boxes.

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