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In February, you have to talk about love. If you didn’t, it would almost be criminal. And since I’m not interested in spending any time behind bars … I think I’ll give my ode to that crazy little thing called love.

There are so many forms and levels of that emotion. There’s the love you can’t truly explain to someone who hasn’t had a child yet. And how about the crazy amount of love you feel for your tiny little bundles of fur wrapped up in the cutest dogs in town? Oh my gosh, I love those dogs. Hey, I love my kids too, but those dogs are always happy to see me. Don’t judge me, it’s just different. You know what I mean.

I love my work. It’s about the fun, the creativity, the people, the building and the 51 other things I know about M3 that we posted for the world in our blog. I love Lansing. The biggest small town has so many great qualities. It’s the river that we’re cleaning, the business community that truly connects, the colleges that impact our youth and beyond, the developments that have come and that are in the planning stages.

But mostly I love the people in our community. It’s fun to have the cranky individuals who always see the glass half empty and are perfectly content to have things stay the same. They ask serious questions that need to be answered. I love that. And who doesn’t love a good debate now and then? On the flip side, there are also those people who are contagious to be around. When you meet them, you walk away better than you were before. Lansing is full of them. Pay attention when you walk into an event. Those people tend to sparkle a little.

I am blessed with some of the most amazing friends who support all my crazy ideas and dreams. They are always ready for a glass of wine, a giggle and a shoulder (when necessary). You ladies know who you are. Thanks for the friendship and fun.

Even though you can’t pick your family, I lucked out in that department as well. My husband (well, I picked him), kids, parents, grandpa, brothers and their families are great, and I am so lucky that they could put up with the younger, more obnoxious version of me (yes, there was a more obnoxious version). Don’t try to picture it. It isn’t pretty.

I love living in South Lansing, the Holt School District where my kids go, my neighborhood, my new kitchen and the deer, who always eat my tulips in the spring. Frankly, I could go on and on. I haven’t even gotten to music, food, traveling, sports and learning.

Dr. Hui Liu knows a little something about love. She not only experiences her own deep emotions, she studies the idea of love. I think it would be very interesting to figure out the effects love has on us and why. (Read the story)

I’m very much in love with 2010. This year, I’m going to work hard to do one thing I’ve never done each month of the year. It’s my year-long resolution. Last month, I took the Polar Plunge to support Special Olympics. I know what you’re thinking … and you’d be right. But it was definitely something new, and now I can say that I’ve done it.

This month, I’m knitting a scarf. I’m actually more nervous about completing that than I was with the icy water looming ahead of me. It will be an interesting year of firsts … I’m going to shoot a gun, sky dive, learn ballroom dancing and (to what I am sure will be everyone’s dismay) I’m going to take voice lessons and sing something in public. Oh boy, I know that my team and friends will love exploiting these adventures for their own personal amusement.

If you’re an art lover, you have to go over to MSUFCU (the headquarters in East Lansing) for a look at the area’s finest artwork from 14 local school districts. These high school students are amazing. The MSUFCU Student Art Exhibition runs February 2 through February 27. You can visit anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and there are special evening times set aside for your convenience. If you can’t get over there, check out the art online at It will be well worth it. Students will win prizes based on an official juried judging as well as a people’s choice vote.

Don’t forget to get your ticket to the 2010 Sparrow Gala on February 27. It will be a great evening benefiting a great cause. Go to for details. There are so many events to take part in this month because there is always something to do in the greater Lansing area. Check out our calendar.

Spread a little love this month,

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Tiffany Dowling

Tiffany Dowling

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