Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue

Personality profiles and finding your perfect match —sound like the latest dating website? Not quite. This is the level of detail and care that goes into the adoption process at Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue (MMCR) to ensure that every cat finds a perfect match. “It’s not as simple as just pointing to the cat you like and taking it home,” said Sara Vicary, founder of MMCR. “We have a questionnaire that we ask adopters to fill out about their lifestyle. We look through what a person wants and compare what cats we have to fit that profile. We know our cats so well and have a full personality profile on each one to match them to an ideal home atmosphere.” Vicary started MMCR and has fostered about 300 rescued dogs and — her true passion — 4,000 rescued cats. “The cat population is much larger than most anyone can imagine,” Vicary said. “I started MMCR because I felt it was time that the mid-Michigan area had a strong rescue effort focused on feline care that proactively educated the community on responsible pet care. I believe every animal should be given a chance.” Vicary said MMCR could currently be the largest no kill cat rescue in Michigan. She fosters kittens and adult cats at the main rescue based in Grand Ledge and her home, as well — both locations are filled with volunteer help. There is a volunteer base of anywhere between 150 and 200, and even with those helping out Vicary herself still dedicates 90 hours a week. MMCR fields hundreds of calls each week asking about adoptable cats. They currently hold weekly adoption events at PetSmart and monthly events at PetCo. “It takes a little army to do this,” Vicary said. “When you take in close to 400 cats a year, there is a lot to do. We always do extremely well, and it’s a testament to the dedication of our volunteers. There are long days, and we have a lot of volunteers who put in a ton of hours because they believe in what they’re doing.” MMCR plans to purchase a new building where they will be able to host their own adoption events in hopes of doubling their number of adoptions within the first year. Vicary upholds a strict policy that once a cat is taken into a permanent home, they should never go homeless again. If a person can’t keep their adopted cat for the entirety of its life, MMCR asks that the cat be returned to them. “I’ve had cats return to me after many years, and they all remember me,” she said. “The moment they look at my face, they know exactly who I am. They are my gift, and every new cat I meet is a new soul, a new friendship that doesn’t end when I find them the perfect home.”

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