Movie Review: Just Go With It

I started my day flipping through the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue. This cast a somewhat gray pallor over my psyche. I’m not going to lie, I was grumpy and in no mood to see some shallow, silly movie with a spring chicken bikini goddess and a not-so-spring-chicken bikini goddess, (Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston, respectively). I expected the movie Just Go With It, directed by Dennis Dugan and also starring Adam Sandler, to be some tepid attempt at a romantic comedy. Feeling drab and disheartened on a grubby February day, I trudged into the theater. The premise of Just Go With It is that Danny, the ever “numskully” (I am sure that is not a word, but it fits here) Adam Sandler is a plastic surgeon who has spent years lying to women about being unhappily married in order to get them into bed. He meets the woman of his dreams (Brooklyn Decker, who apparently has one or two men who feel the same way) and suddenly needs to produce his “almost divorced from” significant other. This is where our lovely Jennifer Aniston comes in. She is Katherine, Danny’s office assistant. Katherine has always handled Danny’s love life with an affectionate and off-hand acceptance of his stupidity, so she agrees to help. Not surprisingly, one absurd lie leads to another, and suddenly everyone is in too deep. There are some truly ludicrous elements to this movie. However, they mostly veer on the side of humorous and warmly ridiculous. One example is when Katherine runs into an old college nemesis, Devlin, played outrageously by Nicole Kidman. She ends up telling her own pile of lies in order to get the “one up” on this venomous sorority sister. Seeing these two elegant actresses acting so silly is pretty classic. Finally, I was the most struck by how Jennifer Aniston was once again the woman we all fell in love with on Friends. She was warm, and sweet, and very relatable. She and Sandler’s chemistry was significantly better than what I would have anticipated. Thus, the romantic element between them was believable and one you found yourself wanting to root for. Though I had slumped into the theatre in a snit, I came out much restored. The whole point of some movies is just for entertainment’s sake. Just Go With It fits that bill. Just don’t be looking for me prancing around in a bathing suit any time soon. I’ll let the professionals handle that. I would, however, like to point out I am in my own awesome glossy magazine about amazing, beautiful women, not to brag. (Hint: You are holding it). And if you want to see me cavorting shamelessly, come to the Capital Area Woman’s LifeStyle 80’s Flashback party on Saturday, March 19. I think I looked better in a bikini back then.

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