Movie Review: Red Riding Hood


You can’t blame them for trying. With all the hoo-ha over vampires and werewolves in entertainment, you just knew “Little Red Riding Hood” was going down. Heck, they even got the director of the original Twilight film, Catherine Hardwicke, to take on this classic fairy tale. I think our English teachers would be shaking their heads glumly. Red Riding Hood stars Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and Julie Christie, and tells a tale of Valarie (Seyfried), a beautiful, medieval maiden who is torn between her true love Peter, and her fiancé, Henry. Unfortunately, there is also a bloodthirsty werewolf who loves her and wants her to leave the village with him. When the werewolf expert (Oldman) rolls into the petrified village, he claims that the evil wolf lives among the villagers in human form. When Valarie encounters the wolf and is not eaten, but actually converses with him, she is deemed a witch and becomes the bait used to try to slay the evil beast. Of course the two men vying for her love vow to save her, while she questions everyone around her as the possible predator in hiding. A fairy tale is a fictional story that includes some magic and enchanted creatures. Red Riding Hood lacked the magic, and as for enchantment? Not so much. The movie was always just off. The scenery was so dopey that it was distracting. The story was too shallow to really get you sucked in. The teasers about who may be the beast were completely transparent. I kept thinking this all had to be a conscientious choice to keep us in a realm of unreality, otherwise why would everyone go through the time, effort and expense to create the movie? Yet sadly, I still liked it. My subconscious must be so manipulated by classic Disney fairy tales that I had to swoon over the earnest warmth in our two heroes’ eyes. I trembled for our fair maiden and rang my hands in concern as I waited to see which love would conquer all. Then came the surprise ending. I might as well get my money out for the next installment, if this movie’s box office take will warrant a sequel.

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