Movie Review: The A-Team


I did not want to go. It was this or The Karate Kid, which I wanted to see even less. I had never seen the television show. I knew about the mohawk and the gold, but that was about it. I had no choice. They made me go. And it rocked!

The A-Team is exactly what you would expect. The movie was a totally testosterone driven play date for boys, complete with crazy action scenes rift with explosions and mind-boggling stunts.

Oh, but the charm. I was completely disarmed by the charm. Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper … it was a like a banquet of manliness with clever and funny sprinkles on top. Oh … and loyalty. Yum.

Ok, so the plot. I think there was one, but I’m not sure because I kept getting distracted by Cooper. Basically, we have our motley crew of good guys. Neeson plays Hannibal, the team leader. He is all swagger and smarts. Cooper is Faceman (yeah, I noticed … that and other things), the charmer and smooth and slippery schemer. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is BA Baracus, the heavy brawn with the big heart. And rounding it out is Sharlto Coplay, who plays Murdock, the crazy one who pulls out all the punches.

Oh yeah, and Jessica Beil is in it, too. However, she is so crazy beautiful that I chose to forget about her, as she stands between Cooper and me.

Anyway, back to the boys. They are all in the military and run covert, somewhat vigilante expeditions. They get asked to intercept stolen print plates of the U.S. Mint that would enable the bad guys to create billions of dollars of counterfeit money. Of course, they get set up, and they are incarcerated and stripped of their ranks. This sets up the obvious response to exact their revenge. Meanwhile, the plates have yet to be found, so the Team leverages itself to clear its name in the recovery. Big surprise, the different branches of our government become involved. Enter the expected traitors and ambitious professionals looking to come out on top richer, with a huge promotion, or both. No one knows who to trust, except our good guys. They trust each other.

Did it sound like I just lambasted the plot as being completely contrived and offering little original content? Who cares? The movie is a ton of fun. Directed by Joe Carnahan, it is a crazy romp of action and entertainment. It is exactly what you want out of a summer blockbuster: shallow and silly with a whole lot of eye candy. What could be better? Maybe a few more shirtless scenes.

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