Movie Review: The Academy Awards


Break out the champagne and shrimp! Sharpen your tongue to make insightful observations concerning the wardrobe choices of those dazzling starlets! Ladies, it’s Oscar time.

Every year, my girlfriends and I get together to watch the Academy Awards. We call the evening “Jams and Jewels.” Everyone shows up in pajamas or sweats and sporting piles of their most hideous jewelry, compliments of their senior prom/nightmare bridesmaid gifts. It really should be called the “Wear Elastic Pants So We Can Eat and Drink to Excess While Talking Smack About What Everyone is Wearing” party. Our husbands moan and groan because we have to start the party at 6 p.m. Hello? One cannot miss the red carpet interviews on E!. The evening of the Academy Awards is the female equivalent to the Super Bowl.

Now let’s get down to the brass tacks. This year the Academy did something different. They broadened the Best Picture nominations from five to 10. Don’t most of us have a hard time just getting to see the five?

Best Picture

Avatar rocked, and I think only three people in the Lansing area missed it (as if James Cameron needs to make more money). I couldn’t bring myself to see Precious because a friend of mine said she couldn’t sleep for three nights after seeing it. I loved The Blind Side, but was surprised it got a nomination. It’s kind of fluffy, though in a good way.

Best Actress

Speaking of The Blind Side, I got so wrapped up in the movie that I kept forgetting that Sandra Bullock was Sandra Bullock. She deserves that nomination. In Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep was magic. I told you I didn’t see Precious, but I’ll root for Gabourey Sidibe all day. Anyone who comes straight out of real life like us and lands an Academy Award nomination deserves to win just for the good of all mankind.

Masters of ceremonies (and comedy)

Usually, I take little notice of the host(s) of the evening. However, the pairing of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin has the potential for pure genius. Honestly, if I had my say, It’s Complicated would be my vote for Best Picture. If I laugh half as hard at their dialogue on stage as I did during the movie, it will be a night of great entertainment.

So ladies, gather your female friends around you, pour a generous libation, attempt to outdo one another with fancy hors d’oeuvres, and toast the year in pictures. Or pay no attention to any of it and just chat. The Oscars are a great excuse to have a Ladies’ Night.


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