The Muppets

The gang’s all here — plus some new faces — in Disney’s wonderful take on The Muppets. When Walter, who is considered the Muppets’ biggest fan, and his friends (played by Jason Segel and Amy Adams), go to visit Walter’s idols, he finds their theater nearly falling over in neglect. This would be a disheartening sight for any Muppet fan, but when Walter discovers that a rich oil tycoon plans to knock the theater down to drill for oil, well that’s the last straw. So, with the aid of Kermit the Frog, Walter and his friends decide to get the gang back together to host a telethon to save the theater from destruction. They manage to find each of the Muppets in the oddest of places — except for Gonzo, whose existence is a little more mundane than one could imagine. They’re the highlight of the film, as it should be, and the way that each Muppet came into the picture reminded me of the very first outing in The Muppet Movie. Jason Segel wrote and stars in The Muppets, and it’s clear that he is a great big geek. He loves the Muppets, and treats each character with the same love and dedication given by the great Jim Henson himself. Segel even recruited Amy Adams to star opposite him to share in his geekery. As for the movie itself, it’s a riot. There are still the same great gags found in their popular television show and previous movies. Watch out for some hilarious cameos (which I won’t spoil for you, of course). While the movie was funny and easy to watch, it also has heart, a major component of their films in the past. So, if you’re a fan of anything Muppets, then definitely go see this movie. You will laugh, but you might also get a little choked up to see the gang reunited on the big screen again.

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