Local Women: Nia Noles

She is the smiling face you see when you walk in the door. The one consulting and writing up your orders and making your projects seem that much easier. Nia Noles is the owner and co-president of Capital Imaging in East Lansing. Noles was born in Hawaii and now lives in Michigan. Wherever she has been throughout her life she has made sure to follow the golden rule. “I think this whole world would be wonderful if everyone was able to follow that simple concept; do unto others as you would have done to you.” Noles and her husband co-own Capital Imaging. “My family has a larger operation in Hawaii, so I grew up in the printing industry. When my husband and I moved to Michigan in 1995, we decided at that point we wanted to open a satellite business and make it its own entity.” Capital Imaging started as a litigation press working with law firms and on presentations. Once technologies started expanding, so did their operations. Consumers started making requests so Noles and Capital Imaging started doing more for the community. “It’s exciting. There’s always something different and I love helping people with issues,” said Noles. “Whether it’s budget issues or they just have no clue how they want to put something together, I like helping them be creative and making suggestions that will make their project beautiful.” Capital Imaging is capable of printing large digital photos and projects, and all of the employees work just as hard as Noles to ensure satisfaction and above. “Our employees really are the backbone of Capital Imaging and we truly have superior, dedicated, long-time team members that I am so very proud and grateful for. They are the reason we have the reputation for quality and fast turnaround in a business where everything is needed now or yesterday.” Noles’ son, Nicolas is the general manager. “He oversees the entire operation and does a lot of design work. He helps clients with design projects and is very creative … and really good at math,” says Noles. “Our daughter Sydney also works here on Saturdays and summers. They are both so talented and I love having them here. Zakary is a chef in Athens, Ga. so we love having him home for the holidays to cook as a family as we always do.” Although Noles misses the warm Hawaii weather and freedom of being outdoors, she also loves the seasons in Michigan. “In the summer we travel to Mackinac Island as a family. It’s a great feeling when we get on the ferry, a physical reaction we get. Just being able to relax after a busy and frantic year relieves us of all our stress. It’s our big escape and brings us all together.” This is why Noles loves the Valentines season as well. “It’s always nice to know you have someone that loves you and to feel love toward someone else. It’s nice to take the time to show them and not take them for granted. I really try and let my loved ones know I love them.”

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