Nonprofit Profile: Capital Area Humane Society


There is an abundance of animals in the Lansing area in need of families. Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) has many furry companions available for meet and greets daily.

Dogs and cats are the most popular dwellers at CAHS, however pocket pets such as rats, chinchillas, bunnies and even birds can be found at its facilities from time to time.

In order to ensure that families adopting the pets will be in it for the long haul with their new companion, CAHS uses the donations of food and litter they receive to assist adopters.

“We will do everything we can to get the animals out and to help the families keep their pets,” said Dawn Ellis, communications and events manager for CAHS.

They also try to give families as much information about the animals’ pasts as they can to ensure that the environment the new family provides is a good fit for that particular pet.

“Every animal has its own story and its own situation,” Ellis noted.

CAHS is responsible for more than just finding homes for the influx of animals that make their way through its doors. This nonprofit agency provides educational tools such as its Children for Humane Animal Treatment (CHAT) Club and educational summer camps for kids, along with opportunities for the public to utilize its facilities to get their pets spayed and neutered at a low cost.

In order to help CAHS run smoother, they have an army of volunteers of all ages at its service.

“There’s really no end to what the volunteers can do for us,” said Ellis. “They do everything from general office work to taking dogs out for a walk.” Volunteers can also help out at fundraising events. CAHS hosts two fundraisers a year, their biggest one, the Fur Ball, will take place on April 17. Attendees are welcome to bring their dogs to this black tie affair, complete with silent and live auctions, dinner, entertainment, doggie spa and a Pampered Pooch Parade.

“It’s really something to see,” said Ellis of the parade. “There is every size and shape of dog you can imagine.”

Ellis explained how personal adopting a pet can be. She cautions adopters against buying an animal as a gift. Instead, Ellis advised buying a gift certificate to CAHS and letting loved ones make their own connection.

“They are always going to find what they need here, and everyone has their own special soft spot,” said Ellis. “They can fall in love with something completely different than expected.”

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