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Upon being warmly seated at the Pizza House in East Lansing, you are handed a book. Not to be sacrilegious, but it could possibly be construed as a pizza bible.

What is your pizza pleasure? Because frankly, I am not sure if the Pizza House could possibly fail to deliver whatever pizza whim you want to succumb to. The menu offers seven pizza crust options: traditional, thin and super thin crust, whole wheat, gluten-free, Chicago deep dish and Chicago stuffed and Sicilian. Oh wait, that’s eight.

Let’s talk toppings. Yes, the Pizza House offers all the traditional fare, but just to liven it up, they throw in such gourmet options as ricotta, crab, roast beef, artichoke hearts and more. I am not good at math, but my guess is the possibilities are endless. Now just because there is so much to choose from does not necessarily guarantee a good pie. However, do you think any business would give so much loving time and attention to something and then let it fall flat? I don’t think so. Pizza House pizza is great, any way you slice it.

I have to be honest. I am no stranger to the Pizza House. Since they deliver, their number is on speed dial. When they answer, I hear “The usual?” and I say “Yes.” No more words are necessary. As it is rare that I dine in, I dragged my beloved editor in to help me mix it up and perhaps flush out any hidden gems.

Let’s go back to the “book” for a minute. The Pizza House menu is extensive. Beyond pizza it offers burgers, sandwiches, salads, pastas and grill favorites (think chicken and ribs). If you can’t decide, there is always the “Chipati” option, which kills two birds with one stone. It is basically a salad shoved into a pita.

As I said there are not many things on the Pizza House menu I had not come into contact with, but the Chipati was one of them. Of course, the only way to start off this new relationship was with the original. My partner in crime and I split one, sampled and bounced our responses off one another. We both agreed the vegetables were fresh and plentiful, though perhaps lent themselves to the snore side of a salad. However, what made the Chipati special was the bread and the sauce. The House makes their pitas on-site and ours was warm and soft. The Original Chipati sauce was a zesty little firecracker that tried to show those veggies who was boss. It must be loved because they actually sell it by the bottle. We CAWLM ladies continued our journey into undocumented Pizza House territory by walking the wild side and ordering a Sicilian crust pizza. It hit all the important PH points: lots of cheese, flavorful sauce, awesome crust. Emily got really excited over the sesame seeds that decorated the crust. Yum.

Though not “new” new, Pizza House did recently have a renovation. The redo not only has made it capable of accommodating more customers, but it has such a nice, casual feel while adding just a touch more sophistication. And the bar area is great. Loads of room and plenty of TVs.

As I mentioned, I do not dine in often, so I had fun sampling some of their specialty drinks. Of the six different Long Island Ice Teas, I chose the “Jamaican” and loved it. A Long Island jazzed up with coconut rum and pineapple juice? Sign me up. They also had a surprising number of ice cream drinks on their menu, which made me feel pretty festive. For those more inclined towards traditional bar beverages, they have a great list of beers on tap, many of them craft. I never really thought of the Pizza House as a place to hang and actually watch the game, but the remodel makes it a great place to do so.

As an experienced Pizza House constituent, I was pleased to find out just how much the place made certain items from scratch, especially all the bread elements of the menu and their sauce. I will say that I wish the same could be said about their desserts. Don’t get me wrong, offering Ben and Jerry’s alongside a multitude of shakes and sundaes ensures you can’t go too wrong, but a decadent homemade chocolate something or other would be the perfect topper. Wait….did I miss a chocolate pizza? Maybe there is one pizza whim they can’t accommodate …



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