Reader’s Lounge: Find Your Next Favorite Book By Remembering Your Last

When a customer comes into the bookstore looking for something new to read, the first question that I ask is, “What books have you enjoyed recently?” If you enjoy the work of Elizabeth Peters and Diana Gabaldon, you may like…

Dark Road to Darjeeling

By Deanna Raybourn ISBN 9780778328209 $14.95 Mira Books The fourth in the Lady Julia Grey series of mystery novels, Dark Road to Darjeeling takes her and her dashing, mysterious husband, Nicholas Brisbane, to India at the request of Julia’s family.  Julia’s sister, Portia, is convinced that her dear friend, the newly widowed, Jane Cavendish, is in danger.  If the baby Jane is expecting is a boy, he will inherent a substantial tea plantation amid the foothills of the Himalayas. Portia is convinced that Jane’s husband was murdered and that her  in-laws plan to murder her and her unborn child next in order to remain in control of the estate. Lady Julia is hesitant to cut her Mediterranean honeymoon short but eager to engage in detective work again. Her husband seems not to be as excited by the prospect, however, and soon leaves Julia, Portia and Plum to journey to Darjeeling on their own. When Julia learns of the circumstances of the death of the apparently young and healthy Freddie Cavendish she agrees with her sister that Jane may in fact be in danger. The list of suspects is considerable, but with the help of her sister, brother and the return of her husband, Julia uncovers the many dark secrets of the small English community surrounding the Cavendish plantation. As with the earlier books in the series, Raybourn mixes humor and intrigue with evocative period detail. The romance between Julia and Nicholas continues to crackle, and the eccentric cast of characters always entertains. If you are in the mood for a light read set in the late 1800s, try Dark Road to Darjeeling. Fans of Jodi Picoult or Anita Shreve should try…

Left Neglected

By Lisa Genova ISBN 9781439164631 $25.00 Simon and Schuster Books High-powered, Harvard MBA, Sarah Nickerson almost has it all — successful career, loving husband, three beautiful children, beautiful house in the suburbs of Boston and a second home in Vermont. What she doesn’t have is time. Sarah’s job demands a minimum of 70 to 80 hours a week. She sees her children long enough to kiss them goodnight and take them to school and daycare the next day. She loves her life, however, and can imagine it no other way — until a careless moment with her cell phone while driving causes an accident that leaves her with a  traumatic brain injury. When Sarah wakes up in the hospital after the brain surgery that saves her life, she can no longer perceive the left side of her world. At first she attacks her recovery as she attacks everything in her life, with the attitude that she will “win” and go back to the life she loved. But things are never that simple, and Sarah is forced to slow down, accept help and re-examine her priorities and her relationship with the mother she had given up on years before. Author Lisa Genova holds a PhD in neuroscience from Harvard University and writes with heartbreaking realism. She includes enough technical detail to make the story fascinating but not so much as to confuse or bore her readers. I found myself laughing out loud and crying along with Sarah and her family. Left Neglected is a great book to curl up with on a chilly afternoon or to share with your book group. Either way it will have you taking a good hard look at your own life and wondering what things you have left neglected. Girls (ages 12 to adult) who couldn’t get enough of the Hunger Games trilogy will love…


By Caragh O’ Brien ISBN 9781596435698 $16.99 Henry Holt & Co Birthmarked is the story of a 16 year old apprentice midwife named Gaia. Gaia is part of a dystopian future, 300 years after Lake Michigan has become Unlake Michigan. As a midwife it is her job to deliver a quota of three newborns a month to be delivered to the walled Enclave outside of which she (and other unfortunates like her) live. A burn scar marks Gaia as imperfect and as such she will have to live her whole life outside the elite and protected city — a situation that becomes more unbearable after the inexplicable arrest of her parents. Gaia’s search for answers propels the plot forward at breakneck speed and the cliffhanger ending of the novel will leave you breathless for the sequel. If your favorite toddler can’t get enough of Goodnight, Gorilla introduce him to the delightful hamsters in…

10 Minutes Till Bedtime

By Peggy Rathmann ISBN 9780399237706 $8.99 (board book) Penguin This is a book that I wish I had bought for my two year old in board book form because he has “read” it so many times that it is in tatters. Like her much loved story, Goodnight, Gorilla, 10 Minutes Till Bedtime tells a story through the use of illustrations and minimal text. As the book opens, father is telling his little boy that he has 10 minutes before bedtime. As the pages and minutes count down, the little boy, his pet hamster and the countless hamsters that his pet has invited to the “10 Minute Bedtime Tour,” eat a snack, take a bath, brush their teeth, go to the bathroom and finally crawl into bed. My son is intrigued with each and every illustration and simply cannot get enough.

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