Restaurant Review: Blue Gill Grill


The Blue Gill Grill is tucked away near the end of Lake Lansing Rd., right by the park. With a lighthouse entryway and other seaside elements, the establishment produces the ambience of a lakeside vacation without having to leave Mid-Michigan. From salmon to walleye, The Blue Gill Grill offers an array of seafood alongside a plethora of classic American cuisine.



There were several intriguing starter options on the menu, but for me it came down to Tom’s Crabby Cheese Dip or the Brew City Mushrooms. I know mushrooms can be an acquired taste, but I personally love them. When I saw the Brew City Mushrooms were on the menu for $5.99, I just had to try them. So I went with the latter of the two options. Not really knowing what to expect, I waited in suspense. It didn’t take long for our server to bring out little puffs of buttery mushroom goodness. Lightly battered and served with peppercorn ranch, they were a definite crowd pleaser. Not only were they fresh and warm, the batter was crisp and the mushrooms weren’t soggy. They were served in a little bucket, adding to the expected norms found on a seaside thoroughfare.


I chose the Walleye Platter for $12.99 to share with my husband. And good thing too! This is probably the largest serving of fish I’ve had in a while. You had the option to have it blackened, hand-battered or pan-fried. Even though a co-worker had suggested for me to have it made blackened, I chose to have it hand-battered. I was not disappointed. The outer layer was crisp and the walleye was piping hot and tasty. I would however, suggest that you try it blackened, as I’ve now had more than one person tell me that’s how they like their fish served at the Blue Gill Grill. The platter also came with two sides. I opted for the fries (notice a theme for the evening?) and the Caesar salad. The romaine lettuce was fresh and they served the salad with Goldfish crackers instead of croutons … a nice little seaside touch.


I’m not in the habit of ordering dessert, so I thought I’d make a point to go all out with the Chocolate Confusion. Let me just break this down
for you:
Layer 1: Crushed chocolate cookie base
Layer 2:  A soft fudge brownie
Layer 3: Thick layer of chocolate mousse
Layer 4: Chocolate cake
Layer 5: Fudge frosting and chocolate chips
Do I really have to say much more? In case you needed assurance that this was delicious, we wolfed this down before our server refilled our water glasses.


Similar to what you would expect from a pier-based restaurant, everything at the Blue Gill Grill was fresh … from the fish we ate to the lettuce. Our server was fast, friendly and happy to offer suggestions.


The Blue Gill Grill is a comfortable setting with an air of familiarity and warmth about the place. Being right by Lake Lansing Park, they have the added ability to make you feel like you’re on vacation in Florida or Massachusetts. Like you walked right off the pier and into their establishment. The booths by the window with views of Lake Lansing foliage is also something worth dining there for.


Our meal was definitely large enough to be shared, and the prices across the board (including the fish) were very reasonable.


Happy Hour specials on Monday and Tuesday start at 4 p.m. and continue until the restaurant closes! Also, if you purchase five lunches there, your sixth one is free.

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Suban Nur Cooley

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