Restaurant Review: Sushi Blue

Sushi Blue offers a wide assortment of Japanese/American cuisine, including everything from unadon to cheesecake. Decorated with bamboo, blue lighting, Japanese artwork and lanterns, this sushi restaurant is comfortable and accessible to everyone in the Lansing area. Sushi Blue can be found right off of South Cedar, just past Edgewood Boulevard , in Lansing.


The first item on the menu that caught my eye was under the appetizers list. The “Heart Attack” includes six pieces of deep-fried jalapeño peppers filled with cream cheese, spicy tuna, and served with two spice sauces. However, not as brave as some may be, I settled on the vegetable tempura appetizer for $5.25 instead. This is a dish that never fails me, as it is constantly delicious at every sushi place I wander into (and I have wandered into quite a few). The vegetable tempura at Sushi Blue was no exception. The serving included five pieces of battered and fried sweet potato, asparagus and onion. I did note that the tempura batter was a bit heavier than I am used to. However, the sauce it came with was very tasty.


I chose the Spider Roll for $8.95, and a Cucumber Roll for $2.95 from the wide selection of sushi rolls, nigiri sushi and sushi combos. The Spider Roll includes tempura soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber and crab meat with spicy sauce. This roll was a good size, although neither came with the usual complementary miso soup or ginger salad. The cucumber was very fresh and crisp. My dining partner ordered the Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese for $5.95) and he was not disappointed. He loves cream cheese and there was plenty of it. He also ordered the Yellow Pickle Roll for $2.95, which he described as “crunchy!” All of the rolls were served on one eccentrically decorated plate with carved carrot décor, ginger, wasabi, leaves, lemons, and a colorful assortment of sauces. Dessert For dessert, I treated myself to a slice of Sushi Blue’s cheesecake (how could I not?) which was pretty tasty. Drizzled with chocolate syrup, the perfectly sized piece of cake came with a side of fresh strawberries and whipped cream.


The service was very attentive and friendly. We were greeted as soon as we walked in by the smiling server/hostess. We were never without water, tea or our next course. She was fast, friendly and funny, answering our questions and even cracking a few jokes.


Sushi Blue has a laid-back atmosphere. I could tell a few of the other customers were regulars, as they chatted with the chef and server. The decorations are fun and dining here would be a perfectly unintimidating experience for a firsttime sushi eater.


While the serving sizes of sushi may look small, they really fill you up (lots of rice!). We left with a feeling of getting our money’s worth, which can be described as full and satisfied.

Hot tip

The hand-roll symbol next to some of the sushi rolls means that they are available in hand-roll form, so no chopstick skills necessary!

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