Roseann Zumbrink: A Heart for Helping

Most of us can recall a time where we’ve helped a neighbor or friend, but Roseann Zumbrink goes the extra mile. Zumbrink started off as a first grade teacher in Grand Ledge. In 1987, she moved to East Lansing, where she raised her two daughters, Krista and Jennifer. Knowing the importance of schools and having a background as a teacher, she couldn’t help but volunteer as much as possible. She started to get involved with the community and soon found herself volunteering at the Michigan Festival putting together a children’s talent show. Then, she volunteered for Ingham Medical’s Health by Design, where she organized guest speakers during breakfast events. The response was amazing: more than 900 women showed up to the event. Today, Zumbrink is also involved with Volunteers for America, which allows her to do more for the community than she could accomplish alone. “I love the fact that there is some small thing that I’m doing that might make a difference in someone else’s life,” said Zumbrink. More recently, Zumbrink has gotten involved with large-scale projects such as Coaches vs. Cancer. Zumbrink helped produce Izzo Goes to Broadway, which raised $150,000 in one night for the American Cancer Society. It is an event like this that makes the whole volunteering experience worthwhile for Zumbrink. Although she worked on this event for almost an entire year and it was incredibly stressful to work behind the scenes of such a large event, she finds it rewarding. “I really enjoy it, it’s heartwarming, it keeps you motivated, it keeps you appreciative. It makes you appreciative for what you have. The little bit of good you can do is hopefully felt by someone down the road,” said Zumbrink. Although she keeps incredibly busy with volunteering, she loves painting and traveling when she has the time. She and her husband, Jon, have a vacation home in Charlevoix. She loves going out on her pontoon boat and leaving the real world behind for a bit. She has two daughters, one of whom lives in Los Angeles and the other who lives in Chicago. They are both busy doing their own thing, but it took a big adjustment for her to see them go. Zumbrink loves sports, she watches football and has season tickets to MSU basketball. While she loves to get away to northern Michigan in the summer, her heart lies in volunteering wherever she is needed.

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