Routines … not so bad after all


I think it’s fun that I can still have self-revelations at my age. I’m not talking about the physical ones. Yes, those are happening too, but I’m really talking about changes in behaviors, how I view the world and how I spend my time. I have always had obsessive tendencies. It’s not the obsessive nature of Monk or anything like that, but interesting quirks that have put me on notice.

As you might already be aware, I’m a workaholic and when I get a project that is new and exciting or get into an educational program or workout plan that I commit to – my willpower kicks in and I’m hooked. My family and friends definitely know when I’ve made it into the plan and generally realize that I’m not easily swayed out of the zone.

It’s extremely interesting because I used to be adverse to any real routine, which is why I love what I do for a living so much. But lately, I have craved a bit more of a steady flow and found various areas of my life that I appreciate the familiarity and the comfort in repeating. It’s really interesting. Is it just me or is it something others go through too. I’m not sure, but I’ve been fascinated by it for the last couple of months.

Now, as you might imagine, my day-to-day activities are anything but routine, and frankly, it’s my job to come up with new and exciting ideas that don’t repeat often (if at all). So, when I say that I am becoming a bit more accustomed to routine, it doesn’t have much to do with work, but rather more to do with my personal time. I need the coffee, go weeks in a row eating the same breakfast, and lately I get hooked on the same place for lunch and exactly the same
meal. Seriously?

Of course, you know in your mind that life is constantly evolving and the things that mattered to you only a few years ago, may no longer apply or they may matter more. But when you have changes in fundamental likes and dislikes and become fixated on one thing or another …  well, it feels like you could be losing your mind. Maybe it’s true. Who knows? Is this what a mid-life crisis looks like? Or, is it the heat?

Most of you know that I (voluntarily) opted into a new adventure each month for the entire year. Well, I fell off the wagon or didn’t fall out of the plane, as it were. I decided for the sake of my sanity (what little I have left), I would not skydive in July. I didn’t do it. However, a gracious reader reached out to me—in my angst—and suggested I swap skydiving for learning how to drive a motorcycle. Nowhere in the rules does it say I can’t swap one dangerous activity in the sky for one closer to the ground. Right? I’m in.

Dr. Sonja Norris may not want to take to the streets on a motorcycle, but she is an adventurous mom and an amazingly talented dentist. I particularly appreciate the way she accommodates her patients and their families by meeting them where their need is most. It is simply an unselfish and remarkable way to support her special patients’ medical needs.

August is upon us. We can mourn the loss of summer or celebrate the fact that we have at least another month of warm weather. If you get the opportunity to be adventurous, go ahead and get your golf clubs out and head out to Forest Akers for the Tim Staudt Ultimate Golf Outing on Sept. 1. The event supports the Sparrow Children’s Center. You can also hang out with Tim at his home on Sept. 12 for the Spartan Marching Band concert. What a great way to listen to the band … and, it’s a great cause.

If you’ve never golfed before and you think it’s time to start, CAWLM is hosting the Lady Classic on Sept. 16 at Timber Ridge Golf Club. We’re giving first-time golfers an opportunity to play nine and out or go for the full 18. Don’t worry; there will be other fun activities going. And, Outback Steakhouse of Okemos is providing dinner. Go to our website to checkout the details.

Stay cool, and enjoy the rest of summer.

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Tiffany Dowling

Tiffany Dowling

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