Soulful Connections: Beth Grimshaw


Reverend Beth Grimshaw, resident of Haslett, has embarked upon a life fulfilled by educating. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in music education at Butler University, then pursued a master’s degree at Michigan State University in family and child ecology and, lastly, a master’s of divinity from Colombia Theological Seminary.

Her studies in music, counseling and faith education have intertwined themselves in every aspect of Grimshaw’s life and are exceptionally relevant to the lifestyle education program she currently conducts.

“It’s a 12 week program on sleep, exercise, stress management,” said Grimshaw. “It’s about making changes in life to become more balanced and set new patterns.”

She works at the Center for Integrated Medicine of Okemos part-time with her husband Dave. She and her husband both work on the lifestyle project, and people are free to see her for spiritual guidance.

Grimshaw saw the idea of working with her husband as exciting, and it has worked out well since she started there three years ago. As an ordained minister at the United Church of Christ, she has been a part of many congregations throughout Greater Lansing.

“I used to play church as a little girl in the garage,” said Grimshaw. “It’s always been something that was a part of me.”

Although too many cuts were being made in the music departments when Grimshaw originally pursued music, she still plays the piano for Haslett High School and in church settings.

“Music is such a big part of worship,” said Grimshaw. “We actually chose to live in Haslett in part for its music program.”

Working at hospitals has also been a part of her life. She worked as a patient advocate for six years before she attended seminary, then worked as an on-call Chaplin. Now, she works as a pastoral care coordinator one day a week at Ingham Regional Medical Center.

“Hospital work has been a continuous career for me — it echoes the idea that holy moments happen everywhere, all the time,” said Grimshaw.

Even with her empty nest, previously filled with her three children Benjamin, Ashley and Kelsey, Grimshaw still finds ways to keep busy.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, rearranging furniture and her most recent hobby, tap dancing.

“When my kids left, I started tap dancing, which has just been the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” said Grimshaw. “It’s a great outlet to make noise and stamp your feet.”

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