Summer Fun Abounds in Lansing — Let’s Go!


Well, we’ve been waiting and waiting. And, it’s finally here … summer. You would think that the people of Michigan would be tops in patience. We have been waiting for a lot — especially lately. We wait to be seated at our local restaurants (why can’t we do reservations anymore?), we wait for politicians to fix our economy (well, that’s what they say they do … I beg to differ) and we wait for summer to get going. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of waiting on all counts. I like to keep things moving.

There are so many things to do this summer, and boy does it start off with a band … I mean a bang. Okay, it starts off with a band too. The Sparrow Children’s Center Giveathon starts on June 3 with the radio portion of the fundraising. Listen to bands play on WQTX 92.1 and let the giving begin. The fun doesn’t stop there. The radio station will continue to raise money on Friday, June 4, all day and then WILX gets into the act that evening.

You’ll see MSU celebrities like Coach Dantonio illustrating the need to support the local hospital — especially the Children’s Center. On Saturday, the Giveathon continues and features the ability to be in the live studio audience at the Sparrow Professional Building. You’ll see entertainment each hour for the first year ever. Listen. Watch. Give. Makes sense to me.

In addition, the Board of Water and Light Chili Cook-off is Friday night in Riverfront Park from 5 to 9 p.m. Bring your taste buds and an enormous appetite. And, as if that wasn’t enough to keep you motivated, many are going “Over the Edge” of the Boji Tower in downtown Lansing. That’s right, many brave souls are rappelling over to support the Lansing Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on Saturday, June 5. Once everyone survives the rappel, they can recuperate by hanging out for the Be a Tourist in Your Own Town event — one of my favorites. There are so many things to do; it’s hard to know where to start. Get your passport and get moving.

Once the kids finish the Michigan Mile race around the new Cooley Law School Stadium, they should make their way down to Impression 5, where kids can be kids. Don’t forget to stop by Construction University so the little ones can see Swish the Fish, climb on the big trucks and play games. Construction University is sponsored by the Public Service Department’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Program and really tries to give kids a green message.

I love the fact that we showcase all the wonderful things to do in Lansing. We are so rich with opportunities to have fun! Well, that is a lot for the first full week of June, but why rest on our laurels when we can continue the momentum. If you’re like me, June will be full of graduation parties. If you have a child graduating (and I do … unbelievable), then there are about 500 other kids you’ll know that will be wearing a tassel as well. Wear sensible (but amazing) shoes.

CAWLM and In Her Shoes radio are presenting the Women’s Self Defense Seminar with T. Kent Nelson, a martial arts expert. This will be a great opportunity to learn a thing or two about defending yourself, or at the very least, how to not become a victim. The event is set for June 15 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at MSUFCU’s headquarters in East Lansing. I encourage everyone to come. It’s $25 and worth every penny.

In June, we also like to focus on the men in our lives. It is one of my favorite issues of the year. We need to shout out to those hard-working dads for Father’s Day. I think I definitely got my drive from my dad. He never stops. This month, we focused on another guy who never stops working hard, especially for Sparrow. Tim Staudt has been a staple in this community for years as the “Dean of Sports.” I always get a kick out of the footage when we get a glimpse of when he was covering sports … well … shall we say a few (40-plus) years ago. He is definitely a local celebrity.

This summer he hosts two events that benefit the Sparrow Foundation — The Tim Staudt Golf Outing on September 1 and the MSU Band Concert held at Tim Staudt’s home in Okemos on September 12. Only a guy fully committed to his community would work so hard to raise money for our kids. Thanks Tim! If you want to help Tim raise funds for the Sparrow Children’s Center, go to and find all the ways to participate.

Whew, I’m exhausted and we’re just getting started. Be adventurous this summer. If you’ve been paying attention to my New Year’s Resolution list, I’ll be riding in a hot air balloon in June … seriously, how do I get myself into these things?

Dads — have a great Father’s Day,

Tiffany Dowling

Tiffany Dowling

Tiffany Dowling is the Founder and President of M3 Group, a full-service branding agency located in downtown Lansing, Mich. She is also owner and publisher of Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine and the Greater Lansing Business Monthly. Dowling has helped businesses and organizations with branding needs for more than a decade. Learn more at

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