Mother Flippin’: Summertime and Mommy’s Happy


EDITOR’S NOTE: Meet Tashmica! She is our new mom columnist and will fill you in on her family’s adventures every other month. Have a topic you’d like her to cover? Shoot me an email, Enjoy! Summer means my doors burst wide open. My three boys, typically tied down to a school calendar and daily uniforms, arise ready to set out into the world, mismatched in attire and deed. I become the woman holding the door open in complete agreement. Let us all go barefoot! Let us all eat fruit from the plant with juice dribbling on nothing but the grass! Let us all wake up around 8 a.m.! (Yes, to me, that is sleeping in. This is a sad point of fact for a girl who would do anything to sleep just a little longer.) The 10 feet leading out the backdoor becomes my most swept area of flooring. The boys track in all manners of dirt, water and the unavoidable offspring of their pairing — mud. I happily clean it up. I smile watching their lopsided snow boots, not to be worn in the summer, wet swim shorts and shirtless chests pass my doorway on some mission of discovery. I don’t shush their crazy yelps or discourage their jarred worm homes. Every shriek outside is one less happening in my living room. Let them get their crazy out — OUT THERE — while I enjoy a clean home and a nice glass of sun tea. Summer will end. The frost will come and the strawberries will begin to come in plastic containers by the pint. The juice will come canned and I will have to go back to washing our dining room table after every meal. My life will become that of a maid, instead of the encouraging mother of three wild superheroes conquering the world one roly-poly at a time. When the weather changes, we will cook on the stove, change the sheets to flannel and get our schedules out again. As a woman who lives on adrenaline and ridiculous expectations, you would assume some semblance of excitement over the rush of a school year. You know what they say about folks who assume. (What? They would say they were wrong and should check their sources, of course!) I am happy to welcome summer into our home because it gives me an excuse to throw three boys out and still remain an awesome mother. What more could a girl ask for? I know. I could ask for a margarita, but I can have that after they go to bed and I reclaim the hammock. Enjoy your summer!

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Tashmica Torok

As the founder & executive director of The Firecracker Foundation, Tashmica works to honor the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by encouraging the Mid-Michigan community to invest in the healing of their whole being. She is wife to a talented tile installer and mother to three boys made from the unique combination of thunder and lightning. Taking to the track as Nina Firecracker, Tashmica is one of more than 40 athletes playing roller derby with the Lansing Derby Vixens (LDV).

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