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Tickets & Tarot: Dawn Botke-Coe

One of Dawn Botke-Coe’s defining moments in life was receiving a ticket. It was not for disorderly conduct or reckless driving or even a …

One of Dawn Botke-Coe’s defining moments in life was receiving a ticket. It was not for disorderly conduct or reckless driving or even a DUI; Botke-Coe was ticketed for fortune telling without a license.

“My reaction was, ‘let’s go to trial,’” said Botke-Coe. “I helped change the law in Michigan.”

After gaining support and coming across a politician who was a Republican and a channeler, her ticket was taken to the State floor and removed from her record. The power of city governments to invoke rules on such practices was taken away.

This was a great opportunity for Botke-Coe to garner some publicity for the bookstore she was planning to open in Okemos, the Triple Goddess Bookstore.

“I found that there was a tremendous amount of support out there,” said Botke-Coe.

Not only did she find a large amount of support for overturning her ticket, she found that there was a strong niche market for astrology and new age alternative resources, the focus of her bookstore.

“Everyone thought I was crazy at the thought of opening up a store because I’ve never worked in a store,” Botke-Coe said. “But I do know how to shop.”

Botke-Coe specializes in astrology, which she started studying when she was seven, and tarot card reading. She also has always been around libraries; her mother was a librarian, and Botke-Coe worked in one herself.

“As a Gemini, my job is to disseminate information,” said Botke-Coe. “So the bookstore was the perfect idea.”

She has been wrapped up in the bookstore that she owns with her husband, Alan Coe, since the doors opened and is always looking into new and exciting opportunities for the store. For example, on Thursdays they have free tarot readings.

Although Botke-Coe and Coe were not married at the time of the opening, they have now been together for 26 years.

“We got married in 2001 because I was a feminist and didn’t want to at the time,” said Botke-Coe.

When she’s not working, Botke-Coe can be found playing darts, traveling or playing with her many cats. Currently, Botke-Coe has 14 cats. Although they are not all meant to permanently live with her, she commonly takes in strays and advertises them until they are welcomed into a home. She often uses her shop to showcase the cats in case a customer in need of a pet walks in.

“We’re crazy cat people,” said Botke-Coe of her and her husband. “Cats are my pride and joy.”


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