Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza


The Antipasto Salad/ Photo by Emily Caswell

It’s Friday night, what to do? A group of friends, including Editor Emily, decided to go out to dinner. We all heard great things about Tony Sacco’s, the new pizza place in Eastwood Towne Center, so we decided to give it a whirl. We walked up to a beautiful brick building with lots of windows and a spacious patio. The place was packed with patrons of all ages. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and handed a literal plastic piece of pizza that would let us know when we would be seated. In the meantime, we all stopped at the bar and ordered a round of drinks — there were plenty to choose from. They have a large wine selection, from house wines, white wines and sparkling wines, to red wines, not to mention a full bar. Since we are traditional Miller Lite lovers our decision was pretty easy. You can even watch your pizza pie being created from the bar. Tony Sacco’s is known for their custom-built, 1,000 degree coal-burning oven. Because of this oven they promise to give you a taste that you have never experienced before, and they make good on this promise by delivering a pizza that will knock your socks off. While being entertained by the lively bartender — and before we could even finish our drinks — we were buzzed to be seated. Once we were seated, we were blown away by the menu. Your choices range from salads to pizzas to Mezza Luna sandwiches and their freshly baked wraps. Everything is prepared fresh. Tony Sacco’s has no microwave ovens, freezers or fryers. We decided to start our meal with the sausage and peppers from the delicious Antipasti section of the menu and we were not disappointed. While we enjoyed this delicious appetizer, we settled on ordering two Antipasto salads to go with our pizzas. It was a salad lover’s dream: rolls of pepperoni, ham and capicola, teamed up with an olive medley, sun-dried tomatoes and an Italian dressing that took the salad to the next level. I should back up and say that while we were enjoying the appetizer and the drink refills that the server never seemed to miss, we ordered two of Sacco’s specialty pizzas: the Capo, which is a blend of pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions; and the Napoli that is topped with tomato sauce, meatballs, ricotta and provolone cheese. The salads arrived first, soon to be followed by these mouth-watering pizza pies that made us feel like fireworks were going off behind us while we enjoyed them. What we loved most about the pizzas was the thin crust, the smashing, sweet sauce and the fact they were not selfish with the toppings. If you still have room left after you have finished your appetizers and main courses, you can try their classic Sacco’s Shortcake. It’s the traditional shortcake you would expect, however they fill it with a homemade vanilla mousse and then top it off with fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream. Laughter, good food and plenty of Miller Lite were being enjoyed when suddenly we were greeted by one of the owners, George. He was extremely friendly and made sure we were taken care of. In addition to making sure our service was top notch, he offered us a tour of the new bar he is about to open, Bar 30. That review will come later.

Tony Sacco's specialty pizza the Capo/ Photo by Emily Caswell

It’s not often you are pleasantly surprised at good service, and even less often are you surprised when that is followed by a bill that makes you know why you will return to this establishment and refer it to all of your friends. I would definitely give Tony Sacco’s two thumbs up. It was a perfect start to my weekend.

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