Wired Wherever They Go

For many of us, technology is an everyday part of our lives, allowing us to do things that we never dreamed possible. Recently I spoke with Leslie Hart-Davidson of Hart-Davidson Designs who told me that it is nearly impossible for her to separate business and home. She’s an avid Apple fan who is never more than a foot away from her iPhone. She checks her email and Facebook at least every hour — it is the first thing she looks at in the morning and the last thing she checks before she sleeps at night. In addition to her iPhone, she has an iPad that she shares with her six year old daughter, Lillian, who is well on her way to being a wired woman herself. Lillian is apparently quite adept at purchasing new apps from the app store and has her own favorites. Currently she enjoys Angry Birds and Scribble — an application that allows her to import pictures and add her own unique touches to them. Once her artwork is complete, she emails it to friends and family. Lest you think that Lillian uses the iPad only for fun and games, Leslie also commented that her daughter has lots of educational apps and has learned to read using the iPad. Leslie is also an avid reader and reads three novels a week on her iPad. She even uses a Ziploc bag to allow her to read in the tub without risking damage from an accidental dunking. While you might think that her comfort with all things Apple would make her a whiz with other types of technology, she confesses that the TV confuses her and she just hands the remote to her husband. She finds Apple products to be very intuitive and says that they have her spoiled. After I spoke to Leslie, I chatted with Jane Mitchell whose business, Jungle Jane Promotions, is in her house. Jane also has a new granddaughter, so one of the first uses of technology she mentioned was FaceTime, a video calling application for Apple that lets Jane and her husband check on the new baby frequently. She has also started using Facebook more so she can share pictures of the baby with friends and family. Her son doesn’t have a Mac, so Jane uses Skype when she wants to talk to him. The Mitchell house has three computers and multiple printers. Jane has a MacBook that she docks when she is working in her home office so she can take advantage of two monitors and a full-sized keyboard. Her husband has a Windows PC and an older Mac. Since some of their software only works with Windows, they need to pass files back and forth between the machines. When Jane got her MacBook, she ran into problems trying to network everything together for file sharing, so she set up a DropBox account to use instead. Now she simply drops the files that need to be shared into DropBox and they can be accessed by any of the computers. There is also a DropBox application for Jane’s phone that she has found to be very useful. Now, when she is out and receives a request for artwork to be emailed, she simply accesses it in her DropBox account and emails it from her phone. It seems the uses for technology are only limited by our own imaginations and resourcefulness. Perhaps one of the ideas from these two wired women will spark your own imagination and lead you to a new use of technology yourself.

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