With a Capital EM: Love Means Never Having to Say “I Want Microwaveable Slippers”


Fluffy and pink, you pop them into the microwave for one minute, slip them on your feet and instantly a wave of relaxation comes over you. I’m speaking, of course, of microwavable slippers. What? You don’t have a pair? Run. Don’t walk, to the store to buy some. They are heaven. They were also a Christmas gift from my better half. Chronic cold feet is a real problem for me and apparently when Matt saw a commercial for slippers that could fix that, he rushed to the store to buy them. A dozen roses they aren’t, but to me they are one of the most romantic gifts he’s ever given me. Don’t get me wrong, Matt does a great job of surprising me with the usual romantic items. He’s never hesitated to buy me flowers and date night is a regular thing for us. But the things he does that really show me he loves me are things like suggesting we eat out after I’ve had a long day work, taking the recycling and trash to the curb, walking the dog on cold, winter mornings and making me popcorn when I watch a chick flick (watching the chick flick with me is an added bonus!). We don’t have a great track record when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Our first year married we spent the day and night in separate sides of the house battling the stomach flu. I may have been a newlywed, but right then and there — although I suffered a bit of disappointment — I realized that true romance doesn’t always look how you expect it to. Passing the can of Lysol back and forth instead of a bottle of champagne was hardly romantic, but there was something sweet about taking care of each other. That Valentine’s Day is just one example of the bumps we’ve encountered throughout our time together, but it was a great lesson that in relationships, things don’t always go as you image and it’s not always pretty. I guess that’s the benefit about a non-new couple. Seven years ago if Matt had bought me microwavable slippers I probably would have thought he was a real weirdo, but throughout time I’ve come to appreciate that while flowers are nice, they hardly keep your feet warm at night.

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Emily Caswell

Emily Caswell is the Managing Editor of CAWLM. She has a passion for fun, family, friends, shopping sprees, cold drinks and Lansing.

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