Wrap Up the Magic


I’m a master trinket, remnant and “I can use this someday” collector. I have an entire craft bin filled with randomness. Luckily, I’ve found a magical way to put these miscellaneous treasures to good use — holiday gift wrapping! Not to mention that creatively wrapping your gifts adds another whimsical dimension for its recipient to drool over. Now work your magic.

1. Winter Sparkle

Materials: recycled paper bag, stamp, metallic silver ink, sparkle paper, ribbon, Billy Ball (yellow flower). Create initials using sparkle or textured papers. Print out your letter form and trace and cut from the material, punch hole and string with ribbon. Try using large and small letter forms and a variety of papers.

2. Scarf Wrap-up

Materials: scarf, twine and old sandal buckle. This beautiful scarf creates the perfect texture and pattern to wrap a gift in. The silver buckle was from a much-loved pair of sandals and provides a fun enclosure for the finish. Consider other ways you can wrap a gift-within-a-gift.

3. Vintage Cheers!

Materials: newspaper, ribbon and vintage iron-ons. I think newspaper adds a great graphic element to a package, as well as a nice black and white base to decorate. I found these iron-ons at an antique store for 50 cents!

4. Berry Christmas

Materials: stained tank-top and berry sprig. I had this stained tank-top tucked away because I just loved the texture and material — I knew I’d eventually find a use for it. Turns out it provided beautiful wrapping for a small gift.

5. Embroidered Beauty

Materials: remnant of material, yellow tulle and berry sprig. Look for festive, remnant material at a craft store (usually on clearance), antique or second-hand store. Add a touch of shine with twigs or sprigs or use your leftover summer herbs for accent.


  • Don’t fret if you’re not a collector like me; visit local antique, craft and second-hand stores to look for random holiday paraphernalia — it’s inexpensive and adds variety!
  • When using material to wrap gifts, use straight pins to hold material in place and secure with ribbon or twine then remove pins.
  • With your material-wrapped gifts, include a small card with how your recipient can re-use the material in a fun, creative way. A way to pass on the DIY spirit!
  • Gift-within-a-gift ideas; towels, napkins, apron and blankets.


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