Young@Heart Woos Hearts of All Ages


For our first Gem, I give you Young@Heart. I saw the trailer, thought it looked great, and by the time I was ready to see it, it was gone. Hence, I hoofed it to Blockbuster. I am beyond glad I did.

By now you know I am a sucker for romances. If I didn’t have so much respect for your intelligence, I would just inundate you with every offering that came down the pipeline. Thankfully, I am also a sucker for any movie that has a huge heart, teaches important life lessons or has a get-out-of-your-chair-and-cheer inspirational storyline. Young@Heart has all three in spades.

The movie is a documentary about a group of senior citizen entertainers who sing contemporary rock and roll. What makes the movie so fascinating and successful is the hilarity or poignancy that comes with each song title or lyric. You watch these beautiful elderly people sing a song you are familiar with, but somehow, their delivery enriches it with so much more weight and depth.

One man facing mortality sings Coldplay’s “Fix You.” As he croons, “when you lose something that you can’t replace,” the magnitude of his place in life, and those of his chorus mates, comes into distinct clarity. Yet that same crooner and his cronies are shown doing a campy video of “Stayin’ Alive,” complete with white suits, huge medallions and backup dancers. This movie has you laughing and crying from one moment to the next. One of the performers in the documentary said, “These songs have a lot of life. That is what we have.”

There is so much life in this movie, so much beauty. Ultimately, Young@Heart is the best kind of love story. Not syrupy sweet, but authentic and true. So ladies, grab anyone you love, make sure you have a box of Kleenex, and get ready to feel Young@Heart. It is a real gem.


Colette Evangelista

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