Mother Flippin’: After School

It is time. This school year, all three of my children will be attending school all day, every day. It will be the first time in nearly seven years that I will not be walking the tightrope of my children’s conflicting schedules. With the exception of athletics and field trips, we will largely be in sync. It’s what my Google calendar has been dreaming of. I will drop them off at the same time and pick them up at the same time and in between, I will be gloriously, peacefully alone. I will be able to have mostly consistent work hours. I will be able to have meetings during the day that do not require the monitoring of computer games or TV time in the next room. I will have phone calls — long, uninterrupted calls discussing details without interjecting directives and apologies for those directives. I fear that I will be the only mother crying tears of joy on the first day of school. Of course, there will be new concerns. Each of my boys have their own challenges within a classroom setting. I’m looking forward to working with their teachers to support the best possible learning environment to suit their individual needs. My job is clearly not done here. Thank God. Independence and self-reliance are pieces in the party pack of things my little ones must learn before they move into adulthood. This next milestone in our lives is a step in the right direction. It also means that I will get to do less straddling and more standing in one place or the other. That is an exciting prospect for me. Come September, I will be celebrating with a few lazy days of sweat pants, mimosas and very low productivity. We’ve come a long way, my darlings. See you all after school. Love, Mom

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Tashmica Torok

As the founder & executive director of The Firecracker Foundation, Tashmica works to honor the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by encouraging the Mid-Michigan community to invest in the healing of their whole being. She is wife to a talented tile installer and mother to three boys made from the unique combination of thunder and lightning. Taking to the track as Nina Firecracker, Tashmica is one of more than 40 athletes playing roller derby with the Lansing Derby Vixens (LDV).

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