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Chiropractors are professionals who use hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments. The theory behind chiropractic techniques is that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure, in particular a person’s spine, will help the body to properly heal itself without surgery or medication.

Live Moore Inc. is a nonprofit run by chiropractors Ryan and Allyson Moore out of their practice,
Moore Life Health and Healing. They have been located within Lansing’s Image Day Spa for around two years.

“The reason that we put together this nonprofit was to help people,” said Ryan. “Many people come to us with issues but don’t bring their kids or significant others for financial reasons. We want to help as many people as possible, and the first step is to overcome that financial hurdle.”

The Moores had very different introductions to chiropractic techniques. “I was a professional soccer player and collapsed,” said Ryan. “I was in pain and thought I’d need surgery but saw a chiropractor. After two weeks with him, I was able to get back into playing. That’s when I saw that I could help people like me, without using surgery or medication.”

“My story wasn’t as traumatic as Ryan’s,” Allyson laughed. “My family has always been more holistic and works on ways to be healthier. I was going to school as a nutritionist and job shadowed with a chiropractor. When I saw how much he helped people without medication, I knew that was something I’d like to do.”

The Moores said they’d like to assist youth. “We’d like to help more kids,” said Allyson. “Our
chiropractic techniques are great for keeping them from sickness and injury. People come to us to fix themselves, but don’t have the money for their kids. Our nonprofit provides that opportunity to people.”

The Moores practice a technique called “zone therapy” that breaks the body into zones and helps to balance them instead of only focusing on just the back and spine. The zone technique’s founder worked from the premise that the brain needs to be sending the body the proper signals in order for the body to be balanced and healthy. The Moores work to improve overall health instead of just one aspect, such as aligning the curvature of the spine.

“Some chiropractors require a high number of visits or focus more on the structure or curve of the spine,”explained Ryan. “But we’re more worried about people’s brains than the bones. We check a ligament behind the head to see what’s wrong.”

“We’re also a results-based practice,” added Allyson. “We try to get people to feel better in less visits.”

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