Picture-perfect petals


In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to whip up two fun, floral projects (shout out to my mom who helped pull these beauties together). So take your pick and give the other to a woman who helped you grow!

Spring is in full bloom, so what better way to celebrate than to decorate with some beautiful buds! Flowers make any space more beautiful, but as someone with a black thumb, keeping the real thing alive is outside of my wheelhouse. I decided to sprinkle a little spring around my house with some picture-perfect petals that will always look fresh and beautiful no matter the season!

What you’ll need

  • Faux flowers of your choice
  • Hot glue
  • Frame OR papier-mâché letter
  • Wrapping paper (try to coordinate with your flower colors)
  • Hammer and nail
  • Wire cutters

What to do: lovely letter

  1. First, pick up the letter of your choice at your local craft store. Letters come in all shapes and sizes, just remember the larger the letter the more flowers you’ll need.
  2. Wrap the letter in wrapping paper just like you would a present, making sure to secure all the edges with glue.
  3. Cut the stems off the flowers using wire cutters leaving a small amount at the base of the bud.
  4. Lay out your flowers to your liking then use the hammer and nail to carefully create small holes in your papier-mâché letter to insert the remaining stem. Secure with a little hot glue and continue until your letter is full.

What to do: framed flowers 

  1. Remove the glass from the frame and secure the frame’s backing into place using hot glue if needed.
  2. Cut the stems clean off your buds to ensure they adhere well to the frame’s backing.
  3. Arrange your flowers to your liking within the frame’s border, then apply hot glue to the base and lay them into place.

Hopefully these projects will give you a fresh perspective on floral décor and maybe even brighten someone special’s day!

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