Pretty Plaques


While at Joann’s I came across the hanging plaque (I think it cost $2.49) and decided to use that for this month’s DIY. My daughter Grace has a name plaque on her wall that she made herself years ago with stickers on it that are now peeling off. I decided this would be a great opportunity to give her an updated version. She loves roses and the color blue, so I knew that I wanted to do something to incorporate both of them. I have been seeing lots of things lately with, what I call, whimsical roses on them and I just love them. They are so fun and pretty and the best yet is you don’t have to be an “artist” to paint them. Perfect, right?! Directions Step One: Paint base the color of the roses. (2 min.) Step Two: Add highlight color to give depth. (2 min.) Step Three: Continue adding touches of the two colors to give a varied look. (2 min.) Step Four: Paint base color of leaves. (2 min.) Step Five: Add highlight color to leaves. (2 min.) Step Six: Paint black swirls onto the roses and outline the leaves with black. (2 min.) Step Seven: Paint a “g” highlighting with two paint colors. Step Eight: Add polka dots. (2 min.)


Jaime Hardesty

Jaime Hardesty is the Receptionist at M3 Group and a native of Michigan. When not crafting, she enjoys many of her other passions which include her two children, family, friends, antiquing, gardening, kayaking and bike riding.

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