Pretty, Pretty Pencils


I’m a sucker for stylish utility. You know, the hammer with a flowered handle or the stapler in a great chartreuse, magnets that are in beautiful pantone colors and the list goes on and on. In my opinion having fun tools to work with and use can make any job much more enjoyable. So, in the spirit of styling the most mundane of tools — a pencil — I hope these will bring you a much-needed smile when you’re writing out those lengthy to-do lists! Plus they’ll look great on your desk. DIY Flower Tool Supplies: Pencils (or whatever tool you fancy!), floral tape, artificial flowers, wire cutters and a vase. 1. Using wire cutters, cut the stem of the flowers so that the length is about half the length of the pencil. 2. Align the flower with the end of the pencil and use two small pieces of floral tape at the top and bottom of the stem. 3. Now that your flower is held in place, you’re ready to wrap the remainder of it. Starting at the end of the stem begin wrapping floral tape up the stem, around the pencil until you’ve reached the flower head. [nggallery id=187]

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